About Us and Flower Essences

Who are Sun Essences?

Here at Sun Essences we supply a wide range of Bach Flower Remedies and Flower Essences, designed to promote happiness and well-being.

We passionately believe that flower remedies should be hand-prepared in the traditional way, so that’s exactly what we do! Each individual bottle is therefore filled and labelled by hand with care and sensitivity.

Simple and safe for all the family, we offer a programme of Flower Essences Courses in Norfolk, bringing the benefits of these wonderful, natural products to all.



Vivien Williamson, the founder of Sun Essences, has always felt a special calling to this work with Flower Essences. For her it is not just work, it is a passionate and meaningful task to produce the best possible product for customers.

Sun Essences gives the promise of quality. All our products are hand-made with care and attention, and you can be assured each one is made according to the specific instructions of Dr Edward Bach.


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What are Flower Essences?

They are liquid herbal remedies, made of flowers. During the essence making process  the life force of the flowers becomes  suspended in water, which is then preserved in brandy. Flower essences are put under the heading of vibrational medicine, which also includes crystal and environmental essences. It is thought that they work by setting up a resonance/or vibration within the system, which seems to activate a positive energetic response in the individual.

Here is a definition of a flower essence:

"A catalyst that initiates positive change, helping us to come into balance, harmonising emotions and relieving negative feelings."


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