Dispensing Methods

Sun Essences has always used dropper inserts for the 30ml bottles from their extensive Be Blends range. Although a cost effective solution, the dropper insert does not suit everyone's needs and following some requests, we have decided to now offer pipettes and sprays as options.

With now 3 different dispensing methods, we are sure that there is something that will meet all of the wishes of our customers.

Why the different methods and the benefits of each...


Dropper insert

Dropper inserts are the cost effective solution and for one off doses, where precision is not necessary and you don't mind bending down to count the drops, they are perfectly adequate.











Pipettes make it easier to count the correct number of drops and therefore offer more control over the dosage.

They are also very easy to use.  

Prepared in half brandy and water these Be Blend products have a long shelf life.









Sprays are the most user friendly of all the dispensing methods. Two pumps into the mouth and the dose is quickly dispensed so ideal for a busy life. It is easy to see why many people like this method.

Prepared mainly in water, as no one wants big hit of alcohol, with a little brandy as a preservative, it does not have such a long shelf life when compared to the other methods.


All of the 3 dispensing methods are available across the complete Be Blend range (10ml and 30 ml sizes). The pipette and spray options
carry a small extra cost.